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I'm Deanna Ley, and I'm on a mission to inspire, uplift, and encourage women on a journey to heal their relationship with food and, most importantly, with themselves. You are worthy of living the life you desire - one where you are no longer fighting against food or fighting against yourself. It's time to fight FOR yourself. This path may not always be an easy one, but it's worth every step and every effort, because YOU ARE WORTH IT.

You've got this, and I've got you. Let's go. It's Transformation Time.

"Nothing is impossible. Even the word itself says I'M POSSIBLE." - Audrey Hepburn

Join us for DEDICATED: Paving the Way to What's Possible, a transformative two-day immersive workshop on August 2nd and 3rd. This event inspires women to unlock their full potential, set actionable goals, and embrace their unique journey towards what's possible. From exploring communication to developing a DEDICATED way to make their dreams become a reality, participants will walk away with applicable tools to enhance and enrich this fascinating journey we call Life. SPACE IS VERY LIMITED. Don't miss this opportunity to pave your way to a future filled with endless possibilities.


The I CHOOSE ME No Sugar | No Sugar CHALLENGE is a great place to start.

The June Challenge officially starts Saturday, June 1st, 2024. The last day to register for this round is Friday, May 31st.

Deanna has been guiding women through these monthly Challenges since May of 2022. Previous Challenges have gotten amazing feedback. Read amazing transformation testimonials HERE. We hope you'll join us in June.

'TIS THE SEASON TO BE JOY-YES! 35 Day No Sugar No Flour Challenge

I CHOOSE ME No Sugar | No Flour CHALLENGE (June 2024)

DEDICATED: Paving the Way to What's Possible (Aug 24)


I CHOOSE ME No Sugar | No Flour CHALLENGE (April 2024)

30 Day No Sugar No Flour Challenge (Feb2024)

More downloadable and printable recipes will be here before you know it! All no sugar and no flour! All delicious!

I CHOOSE ME Health Journey Journal


As a lifelong Creative, I have loved coloring since I was a little girl. As an adult, it's brought me hours and hours of joy and relaxation. After researching the amazing health benefits of coloring, I decided to merge my creativity and love for coloring to start my own coloring book line.

I don't just create coloring books, though. Click on the link below and you will see journals and notebooks, too - all of which are meant to bring out your creativity, add some joy to your day, and help you focus on all the good things you have going on.

I hope you love these as much as I enjoyed creating them for you.

Here's to living life in full color!



Vacation Veggie Idea
Vacation Veggie Idea
What do you do when you are on vacation and decide to stay an extra day and the prepped lunch food you brought with you is needed for tomorrow's hike? You get creative!Thankfully I had brought extra veggies and they came in handy today!I sauteed carr...
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Homemade Apple Almond Butter Rice Cakes
Homemade Apple Almond Butter Rice CakesThis is a perfect breakfast for colder temps. Fall on a plate. So delicious!Chop up a large apple (I used honeycrisp). Sprinkle generously with (no sugar added) pumpkin pie spice (cinnamon will work, too).Microw...
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Big Mac Salad
This delectable lunch is made from a leftover burger. So easy!> 4oz hamburger patty (chopped)> 6oz salad mix> 2oz dill pickles (chopped)> .5oz shredded cheddar cheese> .25oz avocado ranch dressing> Drizzle of mustardServe with a sid...
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Sweet Potato Fruit Bake
OMGOODNESS! Stop what you're doing right now and go get the ingredients to make this. It's heaven in a plate!...AND has no sugar or flour! What the what!It makes 4 servings AND you get 3oz of additional fruit per serving to go with it.Note: I made a ...
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Trader Joe's Jicama Tacos
I'm in love with Trader Joe's Jicama Wraps. I heat them on both sides in my cast iron skillet to dry them out and them double them up tonight as tortillas. So, so good!These are loaded with shredded chicken (flavored with cumin, like juice, salt and ...
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Carrot Chips
Carrot "Chips"
Carrot "fries" may be what introduced me to Bright Line Eating, but ain't nobody got time to slice up a bag of carrots into fry shapes. I now roast carrot "chips". So much faster!I toss mine with a smidge of grapeseed oil*, lemon balsamic vinegar and...
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Favorite Things
These are a Few of My Favorite Things
I have found AMAZING products that I LOVE, and I want to share them with you! - Rectangle Silicone Mini Loaf Pans - I use these several times a week to make my mini loaves. They come in a set of 4. I ordered two sets because I batch cook. While most...
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