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Workshop Agenda


Friday, September 13th


For Day 1 of the DEDICATED immersive workshop, we'll embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth, laying the groundwork for what's to come.

Deanna's poignant session will focus on identifying and overcoming those pesky self-limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, and the paralyzing grip of fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD). We will learn techniques to silence that inner critic and learn to listen to the voice of possibilities instead. She will also guide us in thinking big and dreaming even bigger, ending with a renewed sense of purpose and a clear path forward.

Alison will lead an interactive session where through engaging discussions and a meaningful activity, we'll explore the importance of owning your story, managing self-talk, and protecting your peace. We will learn to harness the power within us, claim our value with confidence, elevate our personal and professional life to new heights, and ignite our inner worth.

Jess's transformative session will help us gain valuable insights into the four main personality types, deepening our understanding of how we interact with the world around us. With this knowledge, we will be better equipped to nurture meaningful relationships, foster trust, and cultivate cooperation in both personal and professional spheres.

Throughout the day, we will have the opportunity to engage in thought-provoking discussions, interactive exercises, and reflective moments designed to spark personal growth and insight. It will be a chance to connect with each other and share experiences, and form supportive networks that will aid us on our journey of transformation.

Day 1 promises to be a day of inspiration, discovery, and connections, setting the stage for your transformational journey.

Note: Water and coffee, as well as healthy snacks, will be available throughout the entire event. Dinner will be provided on Day 1.


Saturday, September 14th


On Day 2 of our DEDICATED workshop, we'll turn our dreams into tangible realities. Each session builds upon the last, guiding you towards meaningful progress and personal growth.

We start the day with a lively Dream Board Making Session, offering you a chance to unleash your creativity. With magazines and poster board in hand, you'll craft your own Dream Board, bringing your aspirations to life in vivid detail. As you select images and words that resonate with your dreams, you'll see your vision taking shape before your eyes.

We will put those Dream Boards into action by using them to solidify our commitment to ourselves and what we want. A powerfully deep activity will further uncover the driving forces behind why it's so important to make our dreams a reality. This will provide us with the fuel we need to help us overcome obstacles and challenges along the way.

We will explore the necessity of having determination, diligence, discipline, delight, and devotion in the pursuit of your dreams. Known as the Dedicated Ds, these attributes will form the backbone of your journey, providing strength and resilience along the way. Through engaging discussions and reflective exercises, you'll cultivate a mindset primed for success, anchored in unwavering commitment to yourself.

We will conclude our day with our Confident Commitment. Tapping into our future selves for guidance and inspiration, we'll take time to reflect on where we're headed and to envision the women we will be focused on becoming.

Day 2 promises to be a day of exploration and insight, igniting our dreams and dedicating ourselves to what's possible.

Note: Water and coffee, as well as healthy snacks, will be available throughout the entire event. Lunch will be provided on Day 2.