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Testimonials from Deanna's I CHOOSE ME No Sugar | No Sugar CHALLENGE

Testimonial | I CHOOSE ME No Sugar No Flour Challenge | |

Janet G.'s Transformation Story

"On Jan 2, 2023, I said "Enough is enough! I’m tired of every Monday trying to do better." 

I remember being told by Deanna "We will love you until you love yourself.“


I did not love myself. I only saw my worth in my size. I was desperate, and starting my very first I CHOOSE ME Challenge back in July 2022 made a difference in my mindset. 

From January until May I was ALL IN and what a difference these Challenges made in my life. 

Not only do I love myself today but I know that I AM ENOUGH, no matter what the scale says. For me, everything has been about the scale and the number. I am still working through that, but it's not like it was before.


Today I’m at peace with my no sugar, no flour LIFE and I am seeing a great transformation before my eyes. I never gave myself credit, but with the help of Deanna being this terrific guide, my life is dramatically different!! I have a lot to be grateful for!!

Thank you, Deanna, for making a huge difference in my life.

I am not at my midrange of my BMI yet, but I WILL get there!"

Rhiannon R.'s Transformation Story

"Sustainable, supportive, dynamic… I’m beyond grateful I joined Deanna Ley’s 30 Day I CHOOSE ME No Sugar No Flour Challenge, which I found through the "No Flour! No Sugar! No Problem!" Facebook group.

I had “dieted” my whole life and developed habits that accompanied shame.

But the insights and deep dives - after some really doable steps like meal prep - and Deanna and the community’s grace... they’ve kept me 90 days no sugar no flour as of today (Oct 24, 2023).

I came for the guidance, and I stay for the support. 

Thank Deanna! I appreciate you!"

Muriel C.'s Transformation Story

"I saw Deanna’s I CHOOSE ME Challenge on June 1st, 2023. I thought about it wondered if I could do it.

I sent her the okay... that I CHOOSE ME!

What a life changer!

It's helped me to understand the WHYs and the HOWs of what's gotten my body this way, It's taught me how to think the choices I make when it comes to food, and I've learned tools to help me for a lifetime.

Deanna is so kind and helpful. I have lost 24 pounds these past four months in the Challenge. It has helped me so much. It's also given me a supportive group of friends that help me keep on track.

Deanna, thank you for helping me learn to love myself!"

Cindy G.'s Transformation Story

"I have been in the 30 Day I CHOOSE ME No Sugar No Flour Challenge with Deanna in since April of 2023. 

It has totally changed my life.

Not only have I lost 65 pounds, but I have learned so much about myself, too. 

I no longer think about food all of the time. The daily Activities are very insightful and you form some great lasting bonds with others in the Challenge, as well.  

I love this No Sugar No Flour LIFE, and I can't imagine going back to my old way of eating. 

I will continue to CHOOSE ME because I AM WORTH IT!"

Janet D.'s Transformation Story

"In July 2022, I joined Deanna's 30 Day I CHOOSE ME No Sugar No Flour Challenge.

Her positive approach and her sharing her own personal struggle and transformation story helped motivate and inspire my journey to better health.

She has helped with my #1 goal:

To make myself happy and healthy!

The Activities and Marco Polos videos she shares make me feel as if she is speaking right to me!

The lessons I have learned travel with me wherever I go and continue to help me to reach my food-related goals.

This is a personal, love-filled approach to being on a health journey."

Barb B.'s Transformation Story

"My search for freedom from life long addictive eating ended the day I found Deanna and the I CHOOSE ME Challenge.

Through the program and Deanna's knowledge, skills and extremely caring individualized guidance,I have developed a new way of thinking that has me eating healthy and not using sugar- and flour-laden foods as crutches.

The program provides a very unique, supportive, caring environment in which I was able to discover that my new found peace came from unearthing that I matter and am worth it. I finally fully understood and integrated how that was my key to peace with food.

I have participated in many, many programs, and therefore, it is with great certainty that I strongly recommend you join in a life-changing journey with Deanna and the I CHOOSE ME Challenge."

Sally F.'s Transformation Story

"If you have struggled for years, going from one diet to the next, this may well be your last stop.

Deanna and the whole gang in the 30 Day I CHOOSE ME No Sugar No Flour Challenge give you tons of information, support, validation and great recipes.

Let this program help you through the holidays... and beyond!"

Christine S.'s Transformation Story

"My heart is full and healthy just thinking about the growth and changes I have made over the past year being part of this AMAZING family that Deanna has created.

I started with a NFNS (No Sugar No Flour) lifestyle four or five years ago following Bright Line Eating. During that journey, I learned about what flour and sugar does to my body, but not about what it was doing to my soul.

It wasn't until I started my first I CHOOSE ME Challenge with Deanna that I started to heal - not just my body, but also my mind... and better yet, my soul. 

I am comfortable in my own skin for the first time in my life. I have learned to get curious and explore the WHYs and WHY NOTs of my life and to change what is in my power to change and to let go of the rest.  

Deanna, I thank you, my friend! MUCH LOVE!"