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VEGGIE PARTY! IT'S LIKE A PARTY IN YOUR MOUTH! This fantastic recipe can be used as a vegetable base for a lot of different meals and a lot of Deanna's recipes – Easy Italian Bowl, Taco Soup, Carrotchos (recipe coming soon), and so much more. It is fantastic on top of squashes of all types and then topped with marinara or my Pumpkin Butternut Red Sauce. It’s so versatile… and delicious! Enjoy experimenting with using different vegetables and different seasonings. The possibilities are endless!

Ingredients Needed:

Grapeseed Oil or EVOO


Red Pepper

Green Pepper

Can of Diced Tomatoes

Bag of Cauliflower Rice


Can of Sliced Carrots


Lemon or Lime

Vegetable Broth

Seasonings (I use salt, pepper, lemon pepper, and Dan-O’s Original Seasoning)

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Please don't steal from me. I have worked very hard to develop each of these recipes, test them out, and to have them designed into a downloadable and printable format for you. They are very inexpensive for a reason. I want them to be affordable to anyone and everyone who's trying to live a no sugar, no flour lifestyle. Please respect me and my hard work by purchasing this recipe. 

Thank you,

Deanna Ley